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In this section we will explain and analyze some musical tracks.

Zundral – Battle theme


Zundral is a Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game which allows the player to set up an army and fight for the glory of their chosen faction, with or against other players. This is the battle theme you hear during the battle. It’s perfectly structurated and defined by the music fits the length of the battle, 3 minutes. Here we have a perfect sample of orchestra with several effects and well defined clímax. It starts on 2:24 with the fanfare brass entry and concluding with the choirs. This indicate to the player that is near the end.


Zundral – Login menu


Another music sample of Zundral, in this case the login menu. The music is on while you are cheching and setting up the game options. The goal is to express the war atmosphere in subtle form and prepare to delve deep into the game. Basically, the percussion marking a defined tempo and accompanied by string melodies and brass, all setted up to produce a powerful musical enviroment. As a curiosity, it uses some resources from Baroque style.


Wild voices


This track is a mix of musical resources combining ethnic, orchestral and electronic music all in epic style. The interesting thing is how the human voice is overlapping itself creating several layers and making a feeling of «endless» music.


Star lights


The following soundtrack is a little sample of minimal music. Basically, it was composed using classical and modal resources, but the most interesting thing is to see how the melodies are moving. The instrumental positioning is setted up to feel spatial effect. Check it up wearing headphones or pay attention to your speakers on how the melodies are moving to the left and right side.


Proxima Centauri


The next one is a sample of classical orchestral music inspirate by the star Proxima Centauri. This music is smooth and clear thanks to the instrumentation based on strings with woodwinds. You can hear extreme registers among them and this feature was used to represent, as a musical resource, the inmensity of outer space.


My dog’s tale – Newden south morning


My Dog’s Tale is a game based on a dog’s history. The history explains that about a year ago, the dog lost its owner at the airport on his way to a holiday trip. The game and music was developed on 8-bits system. This track is representing the sunset of a new day and the dog going out to seek its owner. The most interesting thing is how it combines chiptune music with modern audio effects, keeping representative 8-bits era. The result is clear; music in 8-bits with powerful and modern audio effects.


  • If you want to listen more music samples, please click on this link.