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Who I am

Foto by Davit

Manuel Rodríguez Solana (1985, Barcelona – Spain) started music at a very young age, first at school and then at age of 9 in Music Conservatory of Liceu in Barcelona. He finished superior studies of classical piano and church organ in 2010. The same year, he begins a new superior degree in music composition under tutelage of Spanish composer for movies, José Nieto and simultaneously with Willem Dragstra in Music Conservatory of Liceu in Barcelona. He ends his specialty in 2014.

He has worked with directors of Catalunya School’s Cinema (ESCAC), composing music for films. Moreover, he has collaborated with the Spanish film composer Javier Navarrete. In 2015 he won the award for best soundtrack of the short film «Chromophonia» in the edition of Landscape Film Festival of Barcelona.

He has attended seminars of musical composition under national and international composers such as Kaija Saariaho, Cristobal Halffter, Joan Albert Amargós, Benet Casablancas, Israel David Martinez, Agustí Charles and Ramon Humet.

Manuel Rodríguez Solana is established as a multi stylistic composer using the traditional orchestra, choir, ethnic mixed up with electronic modern resources. With his music, he obtains a clean, brilliant and powerful sound with personality that enables to express what an image cannot do for itself.