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The purpose of this section is explain how a track was composed and produced and it results when coupling with video.

Des3ngaño – Short film


Des3ngaño is a multi-award winning short film based on dramatic love story among two girls. One of them is sad due to the fact that his girlfriend has changed and she has returned with a man. The voice in off tells how is going on with life’s girl who is upset for lose her girlfriend and explain all the pain suffered. The music function is simple. Using minimal style creates a perfect enviroment accompainment in all scenes. Sadness, happiness or disturb scenes always developing and modulating to achive getting expectation all the short film.

Resident Evil 3 Remake – Final Boss Fight Gameplay


The next sample is based on one gameplay of Resident Evil 3 Remake. This is the last battle scene with my own soundtrack applied to it. In this case, as a resource I used mixing ambient sound with orchestra and electronic sounds to make sonours atmospheres based on harmonies in order to achive a powerful atmosphere. It’s perfectly matched with all the scene moments. A clear sample is on the speech among the characters and how it diminish the «orchestral charge» and then on recovering all the potential. All of it is contributing to make more realistic and create expectation all the time.

Bruce Lee -Enter the Dragon- Fight Scene


The following sample is about a famous Bruce Lee movie. The original version of this video does not have music. I always thought music would be necessary for this part because it’s dramatic and it spends a lot of time without it. If we pay attention, there is a lot of subliminal info about the characters and it’s the precursor of something dramatic has to happen.  First, we anticipate with the music that has to occur something bad. Later on, we realize that one of those fighters is controlling the situation and keeps control the combat. Finally, this fighter ends the match.  Something interesting of this music is the mixed up of styles and resources, all well structured. As an interesting resources, we can appreciate how we are maximizing the fighter hits using the percussion and not the audio. The «string percussion» provides the same information to the witness on indirect form, while the ethnic voice a freedom sense.



This trailer was made to promote Zundral. This is a Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game which allows the player to set up an army and fight for the glory of their chosen faction, with or against other players. The music was composed and produced for all the game including this trailer. In this case, combine intrigue, suspense and emotion all in a structure of well defined transitions. The orchestra is used to make an «instrumental percussion» handed by a powerful brass section and percussion.

Monegros promotional video 2015 edition


This video was made to promote Monegros Spanish festival in 2015. The musical style is epical and this track was composed to help creating progressive musical tension on all the video moments and enhance it. As you will see, the musical accompaniment is present in all the video splited out in two clearly differentiated parts. The musical resources are basically strings, choirs, and electronic effects and percussion.

Aleatory System Music for videogames


The next sample is an overall idea trying to achieve more musical freedom. Basically, this system works as a «orchestral conductor» managed by the machine and is set up to perform music entries  on random form.

Applying to the real life, it’s not possible coupling this software into the game, it’s only a concept that shows me how it would work running on this. The system was developed and setted up by me using MaxMSP software. To achieve combining this «overall idea» to the game, we would use some programming language for games such as C# or Unreal Engine. We would build the same concept applying language paradigma’s.

As you will see, the system engage and starts playing one, two, or several tracks from player, always in different combinations.